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Application of powder metallurgy gears
Apr 18, 2018

Powder metallurgy gears are powder metallurgy parts commonly used in various automobile engines. Through one-step forming and finishing processes, no other post-treatment processes are required, and dimensional accuracy requirements, in particular tooth profile accuracy, can be fully achieved. Therefore, with conventional machines Compared with the manufacturing method, the material input and manufacturing are greatly reduced. It is a typical product that embodies the features of powder metallurgy.

Powder Metallurgy Parts Supporting Example Category Component Name: Automotive Engine; Camshaft, Crankshaft Timing Pulley, Water Pump, Oil Pump Pulley, Active, Follower Gear, Active, Driven Sprocket, Cam, Bearing Cover, Rocker Arm, Bushings, thrust plates, valve guides, intake and exhaust valve seats, automotive gearboxes, various high and low speed synchronizer hubs and components, clutch gears, cams, camshafts, sliders, shift levers, bushings, guides Blocks, Synchronous Ring Motorcycle Parts: Follower Gears and Components, Sprockets, Starting Poke, Ratchet, Star Wheel, Twin Gear, Vice Gear, Transmission Gear, Pusher Cam, Bushing, Sliding Bearing, Centering Sleeve , Driven plate, intake and exhaust valve seats for cars, motorcycle oil pumps and so on.

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