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Application of Powder Metallurgy Technology in Automobile Industry
Apr 18, 2018

1. Engine parts

In order to improve fuel economy and control emissions, the working conditions of automotive engines have become more severe. The use of powder metallurgy seats, valve guides, VCTs, sprockets, etc. enables high strength, high wear resistance, and excellent heat resistance.

2. Transmission components

The near-formed synchronizer ring is combined with dual friction materials and high-strength materials to produce the world's first clutch hub. In addition, high-strength components are manufactured by means of high-temperature sintering, such as lever-type exchange. Gears and shift forks.

3, shock absorber parts

In shock absorbers for automobiles and motorcycles, piston rods and piston pilot valves are important components. Taking into account the stable damping force of shock absorbers, the use of powder metallurgy parts has a high-precision thin-plate surface that can reduce friction and ensure protection. Steering stability, improve ride comfort.

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