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Development of Powder Metallurgy
May 10, 2018

Powder metallurgy is the industrial technology for preparing metal powders or using metal powders (or mixtures of metal powders and non-metal powders) as raw materials, forming and sintering, and preparing metal materials, composite materials, and various types of products. At present, powder metallurgy technology has been widely used in transportation, machinery, electronics, aerospace, weapons, biology, new energy, information and nuclear industries, and has become one of the most dynamic branches of new materials science. Powder metallurgy technology has a series of advantages such as significant energy saving, material saving, excellent performance, high product accuracy and good stability, and is very suitable for mass production. In addition, some of the materials and complex parts that cannot be prepared by conventional casting methods and mechanical processing methods can also be manufactured by powder metallurgy technology, and are therefore highly valued by the industry.

The general powder metallurgy products industry covers iron tools, hard alloys, magnetic materials and powder metallurgy products. The narrowly-defined powder metallurgy products industry only refers to powder metallurgy products, including powder metallurgy parts (mostly), oil-bearing bearings, and metal injection molded products. The industry used in this report is bounded by a narrow range.

According to the "China's powder metallurgy manufacturing industry forecast forecast for the production and sales demand and upgrade analysis report" data show that at present, China's powder metallurgy parts and oil bearing total output value of more than 5.5 billion yuan, accounting for a smaller proportion of the global market, the development of space is also more broad. According to statistics from 53 enterprises of the China Association of Powder Machinery and Metallurgy, the main business income of China's powder metallurgy parts industry was 4.841 billion yuan in 2010, an increase of 39.75% year-on-year; total profit was 376 million yuan, an increase from the previous year Times. In terms of output value, the powder metallurgy parts industry achieved a total industrial output value of 5.057 billion yuan, of which the new product output value was 628 million yuan, the new product rate (new product output value/industrial output value) was 12.37%, and the industrial sales output value was 4.973 billion yuan, of which exports were paid The value of goods was 628 million yuan, and the export rate (export delivery value/industrial sales output value) was 16.62%.

From the point of view of production and sales, according to statistics from 53 enterprises of China Association of Powder Machinery and Metallurgy, China's powder metallurgy parts industry achieved output of 163,600 tons in 2010, an increase of 39.40% year-on-year; sales volume was 161,700 tons, a year-on-year increase of 43.15 %.

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