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MPIF2018 powder metallurgy design competition won the special award of components
Jul 30, 2018

The 2018 PM design excellence award competition, sponsored by the us metal powder industry federation (MPIF), was held in SAN Antonio on June 18, 2018. It competed for seven special awards and 12 honorary awards.The winning work demonstrates the diversity of powder metallurgy.Designers use PM in key areas such as automotive engines and transmissions, medical equipment, consumer products, military applications, etc.

Special award

The special prize for the auto-transmission category was awarded to GKN Power Metallurgy's aluminum PM planetary frame assembly for general motors.The components are used in all new GM 9t509 speed transmissions such as Chevrolet malibu and Equinox crossover vehicles.Its unique metal matrix composite (MMC) aluminum alloy system combined with overspeed transmission of the carrier is an advanced two - piece design.


The top prize in the auto-engine category went to GKN Powder Metallurgy for the main bearing cover of copper and steel produced by FCA US LLC.This part is used in 2L all-aluminum turbocharged four-cylinder FCA engine.Although PM main bearing caps have dominated engine design for more than two decades, this design breaks new ground.The new design provides 23 percent lighter components and 10 percent better fatigue strength.


Top prize in hand tool/entertainment category was FMS's sintered hardened steels for Graco, Inc., made in Minneapolis: eccentric gears, combined gears, and links to bronze bearings that drive piston pumps in the paint sprayer.


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