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Powder metallurgy parts have been used in the body, interior decoration, chassis and so on of cars
Aug 01, 2018

Powder gold treatment is an advanced metal forming technology. It is a new and high technology for metal and other powder to be made into mechanical parts and metal products through processing and pressing molding, sintering and necessary follow-up treatment.Because it has many advantages such as energy saving, material saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, it has been widely used and has great market potential and development prospect.In recent years, the powder metallurgy industry has developed rapidly, especially the automobile industry, machinery manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace industry, instrument and instrument, hardware tools, engineering machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries, which have brought rare development opportunities and huge market space for the powder metallurgy industry.At the same time, the technical level of the industry also put forward higher requirements.

Because the powder metallurgy process has to save raw materials, its light weight, excellent performance, low cost, numerous advantages, in addition to the engine, transmission and electric motor bearing, powder metallurgy parts in the car now use range is becoming more and more wide, more parts to be used in the place such as chassis, body, interior, promising prospects.At present, more than 1000 kinds of PM parts are used in automobiles.Some people in the industry pointed out that PM structural parts have unique advantages in replacing existing gears, cams, sprocket wheels, casting, forging parts of various shapes, cutting and processing parts and developing new structural parts.

Our country in the future development of powder metallurgy parts goal will become more clear, through a variety of advantages to provide more convenient conditions for the development of the industry, in policy terms, the current emphasis on energy conservation and emissions reduction and energy and, to the development of powder metallurgy products provide a good condition, with the constant progress of powder metallurgy technology, the advantages of lower cost will be accompanied by the cost of the automobile industry competition and an increasingly obvious.

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