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Powder metallurgy production process
Apr 18, 2018

Die-casting (steel die) is the most widely used method in powder metallurgical production. It is a semi-finished or finished product having a predetermined shape, size, density, and strength. Sintering is a complicated process of material transfer between powder particles at high temperatures, which leads to a strengthening of bonding between the powder particles and densification of the powder.

(1) Production of powder. The powder production process includes the steps of powder preparation, powder mixing, etc. In order to improve the formability and plasticity of the powder, gasoline, rubber or wax is added.

(2) Press forming. The powder is pressed into a desired shape at a pressure of 500-600 MPa.

(3) Sintering. In an atmosphere that protects a high temperature furnace or a vacuum furnace. Sintering is different from metal melting, sintering at least one element is still in a solid state, becoming a metallurgical product, with a certain porosity and sintering process of powder particles through diffusion, recrystallization, welding, compounds, and a series of physical chemical processes.

(4) After treatment. In general, the sintered part can be used directly, but for some requirements of high precision and high hardness, the wear resistance of the sintered part will be processed. Post-treatment includes imprinting, rolling, extrusion, quenching, case hardening, dipping and Infiltration and so on.

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