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Rack design method
Apr 18, 2018

Rack is the active part and gear is the follower

1. Determine the modulus m according to the load (check the value of m in the Mechanical Design Manual)

2. Determine the indexing circle diameter D of the follower gear, D = m*z (where z is the number of gear teeth)

3, the number of gear teeth need to be based on the load of torque, structure to consider, when the torque is large, the number of gear teeth can be selected a little larger, so that the diameter of the gear is larger, otherwise the diameter can be made smaller, remember the above key The formula: D=m*z, this is an important formula

4. After determining the diameter D of the pitch circle of the gear, the circumference of the diameter of the pitch circle can be calculated, assuming L

5, L is the effective length of the rack, consider the operation and installation of this section, in general, the actual length should be greater than L, the specific number of large, in the design of the structure can be considered.

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