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Rack failure has several important aspects
Apr 18, 2018

First, the breakage of the teeth is due to the fact that when the gears and racks mesh with each other, because the force is too large, the tooth surfaces are voluntarily broken. It is normal for this type of sign to appear at the root of the tooth. Some hardened steels, perhaps made of brittle materials such as cast iron, are prone to broken teeth.

Second; tooth surface wear. The wear of the tooth surface is mainly due to the external influences, as usual, the racks and gears that are usually used to deal with things that are not properly maintained are in practical use because of the influence of media, such as hard particles, dust, etc. The tooth surface is destroyed and constitutes wear of the teeth.

The pitting of the third tooth surface; the fine fatigue cracks produced on the surface of the tooth surface, and the pits formed by the metal particles after the dispersion of the cracks.

The fourth tooth surface is glued together; it is usually due to the meshing between the end of time and the end, the tooth surface warms up, causing the smooth effect.

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