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The classification of gears is introduced
Apr 18, 2018

A spur gear, a spur gear line with parallel straight lines on the axis, which is a very common type of gear, and also has an integral type with the shaft.

Second, the helical gear Rack parameters, the tooth line is a spiral cylindrical gear, a cylinder in the outer circumference of the spiral can be installed in two, can also be a spiral gear.

Third, herringbone gear, left and right parts of the combination of two helical gears, from the front to see the gear teeth like the shape of the mountain.

Fourth, the rack, in the flat or straight rod side engraved with the same shape of the teeth of the transmission parts, we can see the rack as an infinite radius of the spur gear. Interlocking with the rack is generally a common pinion.

Fifth, the internal gear, cylindrical and cone inside the teeth gear. The object he meshes with must be an external gear.

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