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The deficiency of powder metallurgy gear
Sep 23, 2018
  1. It is not economical to produce at low and medium yields.

    Compared with machining process, the minimum economical batch of gear produced by powder metallurgy process depends on the size, complexity, precision and other performance requirements of the part.In many small batches, the production cost of powder metallurgy gears may be higher than that of traditional manufacturing methods.Generally speaking, above 5000 pieces are more suitable for powder metallurgy production.

  2. Limited to gear size.

    The size of the powder metallurgy gear is limited by the press ability of the press.The press is usually several tons to several hundred tons of pressure, diameter is basically within 110MM can be made into powder metallurgy.

  3. Not suitable for producing part gear.

    Because of repression and mold, is generally not suitable for production of worm gear, herringbone gear and spiral Angle is greater than 35 ° of helical gear.Helical gear is generally recommended to be designed within 15 degrees.

  4. Thickness limitation.

    The thickness of the powder metallurgy gear is limited because the depth of the cavity and the stroke of the press must be 2 ~ 2.5 times the thickness of the gear, taking into account the uniformity of the longitudinal density of the gear height.

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