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The development trend of global new material industry
Jul 28, 2018

The regional gap in the development of the global new material industry is becoming more and more obvious.For a long time, the innovative subject of the new material industry has been developed countries and regions such as the United States, Japan and Europe. It owns most of the large transnational corporations and occupies an absolute advantage in economic strength, core technology, r&d capability and market share, and occupies a monopoly position in the global market.Among them, the overall leading country is the United States. Japan has advantages in nanomaterials, electronic information materials and other fields, while Europe has obvious advantages in structural materials, optics and photoelectric materials.China, South Korea and Russia are close behind and are now in the second tier of the world.China has comparative advantages in semiconductor lighting, rare earth permanent-magnet materials and artificial crystal materials, South Korea in display materials and storage materials, and Russia in aerospace materials.Except for a few countries such as Brazil and India, most developing countries have relatively backward new materials industries.From the perspective of new materials market, North America and Europe have the largest new materials market in the world, and the market has been relatively mature. In the asia-pacific region, especially China, the new materials market is in a rapid development stage.At a macro level, the global new materials market is gradually shifting its focus to Asia.With the advent of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, profound changes will take place in the allocation of global technological factors and market factors, and regional differences will be further intensified.

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