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High Density, High Strength Powder Metallurgy Innovation Technology GPM.
May 21, 2018

For powder metallurgy parts manufacturing enterprises, it is always their technical main direction to produce high-intensity and high-density parts.

  1. Production process of high-density sintered metal products (GPM) :

    High density sintered metal products (GPM) process of raw materials for size 5 mu of micro powder granulation processing, can play the role of blowhole formation inhibition in high temperature sintering, so to get high density sintered products.At present, the high temperature sintering of traditional ferrous powder products (1200 degrees) appears in the liquid phase and the melting leads to deformation and therefore cannot be produced.However, the powder forming material made of micro-powder granulation material will not be melted during sintering, so the high-density metal products can be obtained.

    Specific process diagram.


    2. High density sintered metal products (GPM) process characteristics:

    At present, in parts of metal parts of automobile or machinery, such as the density requirement of 7.2g/cm3, it cannot be produced with traditional powder metallurgy (PM) process, only casting or metal injection molding, forging and other processes can be selected.However, these traditional processes need to be made in complex shapes, and the utilization of raw materials will be reduced and the processing capacity will be multiplied and the cost will be increased.

    The production cost of GPM process is lower than that of MIM and off-core casting. Meanwhile, it solves the mechanical characteristic requirements which are difficult to meet with traditional PM, while the production capacity and precision are equal to the traditional PM.