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Powder Metallurgy Gears Play An Important Role
Apr 18, 2018

With the continuous development of modern society, powder metallurgy gears are increasingly used in industrial production, and their role is increasingly evident. The superior performance of powder metallurgy gears is mainly fivefold.

1. Powder metallurgy products can be processed into various complex shapes.

2. Powder metallurgy products are suitable for making metal matrix composites.

3. Powder metallurgy products can process high-melting point materials, and tungsten and molybdenum are almost all produced by powder metallurgy methods.

4. The yield of powder metallurgy is high, unlike other products.

5. Can make porous materials, such as self-lubricating bearings with oil, can store oil.

Powder metallurgy gears are difficult to count separately in the entire powder metallurgy parts, but the proportion of powder metallurgy gears in automobiles and motorcycles is far greater than that of powder metallurgy parts in other fields regardless of weight or number of parts. Therefore, From the rising proportion of automobiles and motorcycles in the entire powder metallurgy parts, it can be seen that the powder metallurgy gears are in a rapid development position in the entire powder metallurgy parts.

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