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Strength Of Powder Metallurgy Gears
Apr 18, 2018

First, if using powder metallurgy blanks to process gears, the strength will certainly be about 10% higher;

Second, powder metallurgy gear precision depends on the material expansion coefficient and mold accuracy, generally 50 to internal gear domestic mold about 8-9 grade, imported mold 7-8 grade, if the helical gear is one grade higher. The biggest advantage of powder metallurgy gear is that it can be mass produced and the consistency is very good;

Third, ordinary FN0205 powder metallurgy gear can carry torque up to 14NM, temperature and pressure parts can reach 20NM, if the temperature and pressure FD0405 can reach 25 or so, in the case of a full set of gear using professional powder metallurgy design allows modification, mild can also Increase 30-40%.