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The Difference Between Powder Metallurgy And Casting
Apr 18, 2018

1, the difference between materials: casting materials are usually aluminum and zinc, powder metallurgy materials are usually stainless steel;

2, the difference in size: casting parts can have a large range of sizes, powder metallurgy will be much smaller;

3. Accuracy: There is sintering after powder metallurgy injection molding, and the size is greatly deformed;

4, different surface treatment: casting and powder metallurgy surface treatment will have different requirements;

5, molding different: powder metallurgy is the use of solid material between the low-melting point material plus adhesive fusion molding, only part of the material melts, the final product composition has not changed, but the powder is fixed together; casting is the use of material from the liquid Phase transitions to the solid state take place and the metal melts completely, resulting in a change in the structure of the final product.