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The Starting Point Of Mobile Thermoforming Technology In Powder Metallurgy Enterprises
Jul 30, 2018

In understanding the process of powder metallurgy technology, we contact to the metal powder injection molding process, didn't think it is quite different from common forming technology, produced in large quantities with complex geometry, high performance, high precision parts have certain difficulty, prompting a breakthrough of the industrialization of the powder metallurgy enterprises.

In the process of metal powder injection molding in powder metallurgy enterprises, in addition to the preparation of the corresponding powder required for processing, more binder should be added to the powder.Therefore, both powder and binder should meet the requirements, otherwise it will affect the forming of PM products.

Among them, the powder requires ultra-fine near-spherical powder of less than 10um, and the process from mixing to degreasing and sintering is relatively complex, with strict technological requirements, especially the longer degreasing and sintering time, which is also the main reason for the high manufacturing cost of powder metallurgy enterprises.And the binding agent of the Wolf must be sufficient, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the corresponding performance.

A simplified method is developed for the powder metallurgy enterprises, which is the flow temperature and pressure forming technology.Then, the fluidity, filling and formability of the mixed powder were greatly improved by adding proper amount of coarse powder and fine powder and increasing the content of thermoplastic lubricant.

Because the mixed powder becomes a viscous fluid with good fluidity when pressed, it not only has the advantages of liquid, but also has high viscosity and reduces friction force, so that the pressed pressure can be evenly distributed in the powder, and it is also well transmitted.As a result of this, the powder can flow to all corners without cracks in the pressing process, thus greatly improving the density.