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There Are Three Important Marks In The Development Of Modern Powder Metallurgy
Aug 10, 2018

The development history of powder metallurgy has been a long time. With the development of powder metallurgy technology, metal powder as raw material has been expanded to refractory metal compound powder, ceramic powder and cladding powder.The finished sintered products of powder metallurgy can be used without further processing, and can also be used for post-processing of various sintered products as required.The modern powder metallurgy has three important marks in the development.

  1. The difficulties in the process of refractory metal smelting have been overcome, and the powder metallurgy technology has been applied in domestic industry.

    2. At present, the production of porous oil bearing with powder metallurgy method has achieved success and developed to the production of iron base mechanical parts. The powder metallurgy mechanical parts used in industry are oil pump gears.

    3. The development of new materials with higher properties and new processes with epoch-making significance has come out one after another, making powder metallurgy play an increasingly important role as an advanced technology of modern metallurgy.

    For material processing, powder metallurgy is a new non-cutting process for manufacturing mechanical parts, which can greatly reduce the amount of cutting and save machine tools and metal materials.Powder metallurgy is more and more important in national economy and science and technology.