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What are the main contents of powder metallurgy moulding process
Aug 11, 2018

In the production of powder metallurgy products, powder metallurgy molding process is very important, directly affecting the performance of powder metallurgy products.The forming process of powder metallurgy is to change the shape and size of powder directly, thus affecting the main performance and application of powder metallurgy products.Powder metallurgy moulding process should be based on the characteristics and requirements of the mold production, so, what are the main content of the powder metallurgy moulding process?

  1. Firstly, documents of powder metallurgy molding process should be prepared, mainly including the processing process of mold, key points of molding process, list of raw materials, requirements and basic principles of powder metallurgy molding process, etc.Analyze and edit the document according to own technical conditions and conditions of processing equipment.

    2. In the process of powder metallurgy molding process, prepare all kinds of application tools required for machining molds and parts mounting molds.These tools are very important to the daily powder metallurgy molding process.

    3. Problems in powder metallurgy molding process need to be dealt with.Production technicians need to regularly check the quality of powder metallurgy products, and timely understand and solve problems, so as to ensure the smooth process of powder metallurgy molding.

    4. After the completion of the powder metallurgy molding process, the mold testing is the main part of production. The staff can propose solutions and effectively deal with the problems in the mold testing, thus effectively improving the production efficiency.

    For general powder metallurgy moulding process in the production of problems, staff must be timely treatment to avoid delaying the entire process of production.The technical skills of powder metallurgy moulding process are mostly mastered by technicians.