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What Materials Are Commonly Used For Powder Metallurgy Gears?
Apr 18, 2018

With the development of industrial technology industry, powder metallurgy gears are more and more widely used in automobiles and motorcycles. For complex powder metallurgy gears, different gear materials can be used according to different performance requirements.

1. For the impact load, the teeth are easy to be broken and the material with better toughness should be used, and the low carbon steel can be used for carburizing and quenching.

2. For the high-speed closed transmission, the tooth surface is easy to be pitted, and the material with good tooth surface hardness should be used, and the medium carbon steel surface quenching can be used.

3. For the low-speed medium load, when the gear teeth are broken, pitted, and worn out, materials with good mechanical properties such as mechanical strength and tooth surface hardness should be selected, and medium carbon steel can be selected for quenching and tempering.

4. When the size of the structure is compact and the wear resistance is high, alloy steel should be used.